Before we can remove your cabinets and replace them, there are some things that have to be done before we arrive. Follow this list:

  • Plumbing – Turn off cutoff valves for your sink and confirm that they don’t leak by turning on the faucet handle. After a few minutes, no water should come out of the faucet. If it keeps leaking, you need to have a plumber replace your cutoff valve(s) or the main water to your house will have to be cutoff for us to work.
  • Electrical – have your garbage disposal (if you have one) disconnected, have your dishwasher disconnected, have any other hardwired appliances disconnected (hoods are a common one in this category).
  • Stuff – all of your counters need to be completely cleared and the inside of all cabinets needs to be completely empty of all contents.
  • Reconnections – After the new cabinets and counters go in, you will need plumbing and electrical to be reconnected, too. Make sure you are aware of the cost and timeframe for these steps as it will impact how long you are waiting to be back to full operation.

Granite or Quartz

If you’re getting granite or quartz countertops, the sequence is that cabinets must be installed, then templated for counters, then fabricated and then installed. Typically each of these will take a day, so from initial cabinet install date to counters going in will be a 4 day period in most cases. Your plumbing reconnections can’t happen until the counters go on, so don’t schedule that until the day after the counter install date (unless you know the counters are going in in the morning).


Laminate counters will usually have been made in advance and will go on as soon as the cabinets have been installed. In this case, you’d have a plumber come reconnect as soon as the job is complete.